Terrell Johnson was born on January 12, 1993, to Joshua and Alicia Johnson. Terrell and his younger brother, Tobias, were raised in Portland, by a large, loving, and deeply religious family. He loved his faith, music, skateboarding, basketball, and football. He attended Cleveland High School until his junior year, and went on to earn his GED.

Terrell was loved immensely by his former classmates and fellow churchgoers, who supported him through times of struggle. Despite his battles with addiction, he remained dedicated to his church and family throughout his life.

“You were happy when you were with him,” says Jesse Howell, who met Terrell when they were teenagers through a church youth group. Howell describes him as one of the most genuine people he has ever known, “even when he was going through his shit.”

Terrell’s mother, Alicia, describes her son as an outgoing, loving person. “He was a prayer warrior. Prayed for people all the time. Worshiped like nobody’s business, he loved to worship the Lord. He would do anything for anybody, he would give you anything if you needed. You could, you know, call him any time. Talk to him anytime. He was just the sweetest, kindest person I’ve ever known.”

On the evening of May 10, 2017, Terrell was shot and killed by Portland Police Bureau Transit Division Officer Samson Ajir, while running away, at the 92nd & Flavel MAX station in Southeast Portland.